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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Featured Author - Sandra Cox! - Part 1

I am a multi-published author and genre hop in my writing. I write anything from paranormal romance to metaphysical nonfiction. My husband and I live in the south where I am involved in a local rescue.

When I lost my cat of twelve years to cancer, I channeled my writing into a fantasy series about where cats go when they die. I created the world of Catarau, a place where they could live forever, with no disease, no hunger, no terror, but where they could use one of their nine lives to come back to earth to help a loved one.

(Book 1 in the Cats of Catarau series)
is now available on Smashwords!

I write about cats in my Sunday column at Night Writers:


  1. Hi, Sandra! Amazing how grief can influence our writing, isn't it? Good luck with the new series. =)

  2. Hi Dana,

    How are you? Congrats on your new release! I'm sure its a winner